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Key Traits To Bear In Mind When Purchasing Dog Shock Collar For Large Dog Breeds

Dog shock collars are devices used in training dogs mainly to give a response to specific commands and reduce or eliminate certain undesired behavior. Training is completed by delivering a shock to that dog if non-compliant to particular management or also if they commit stubborn, unwanted actions. Intentionally, shock collars should not punish your dog but instead prevent them from committing behavior perceived as negative. Theoretically, positive action is reinforced by the dogs learning to associate certain undesired behavior with a mildly uncomfortable jolt, thereby minimizing such behavior or stopping it altogether even without the need to be shocked. Approved shock collars are safe enough to capture a dog’s attention and deter undesired behavior all while not doing them any physical damage. There are now some shock collars commonly called E-collars which offer several features such as vibration and tones which can either be used alone or together with the shock. There are plenty of shock collars in the market for large dog breeds but, some shock collars work noticeably better than others. By examining the various features provided by different models, it is possible to distinguish good shock collars from bad ones.

First, a key feature for consideration is shock collar having multiple correction types. While most shock collars only deliver a mild electric shock, the best ones should also allow the triggering of an audible tone or a vibration. It is often preferable to start from the mildest revisions and gradually advance to more intense ones as deemed necessary. Many shock collars are advertised as having various kinds of corrections, with the common ones being vibration, electric shock, a blinking light, and an audible tone. A blinking view may not serve the purpose of correction but is still valuable in the sense that it will allow you to comfortably support your dog after dark.

Another key feature to bear in mind is having adequate range. The range within which training usually occurs happens to be fairly close. However, one may need to administer corrections when the dog is at a distance for instance when at a dog park or when teaching the dog to retrieve. Modern dog shock collars operate at ranges of approximately 800 to 1000 feet, which is usually enough for most training circumstances. Some manufacturers appear to exaggerate the scale within which their shock collars operate, hence if one has a concrete distance requirement it will be necessary to select a collar that exhibits your preferred range by 10% to 20%. Looking for professional dog care services will ensure your dog is well mannered.
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